Break Free

7 step solution to releasing addiction for good

Are you a slave to addiction?

Drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, social media, games, porn, sex, abusive relationships… do any of these things have you in their grasp?

Do you keep doing the same thing over and over, even though you know it’s not serving you?

Willpower works for short periods of time, until your next moment of weakness.  Until the next time you’re triggered.  Then, too often, it all comes crashing down!

No matter what your addiction is, there are neurological, biochemical and subconscious reasons you return to this behaviour, and they can be addressed.  You are NOT doomed to a life of addiction, nor ‘white-knuckling’ eternal cravings.

This powerful 7 step hypnosis program delves deep, to find out the real underlying reasons for your addiction, and together we heal the cause at its source, so you can BREAK FREE from addiction.   You’ll be equipped with guided meditations, simple tasks to complete at home, guided meditations, ongoing support, and everything you need to maximise your results.

Now close your eyes and imagine: What will you DO with all the energy you free up to use consciously?



Incorporating a person centred approach and techniques from Gestalt, ACT, CBT, transpersonal psychology and others.

Clinical hypnotherapy

Using deep relaxation and focused trance states to access the unconscious and effect long term meaningful changes.


An evidence-based and proven approach to work and life that promotes happiness, health and longevity.


Recording and working with dreams and their symbols to get direct access to unconscious messages and information.
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