14th September – Loving yourself

How often do we hear that we have to love and accept ourselves?  We know it’s true, but sometimes it’s not that easy to do that.  Some people don’t even fully understand what it means to love ourselves.

Here’s an easy step by step technique with a bonus guided visualisation to help you connect to your self love.


7th September – Dealing with anger

I used to struggle a lot with anger and losing my temper.  I exploded all over anyone who triggered me, intentionally or not, and often did and said things I regretted.  This is a technique I learned that helped me instantly find that calm to make a conscious choice about how I dealt with the trigger.  I hope you find it as useful as I do!


31st August – A mindful cup of tea

This blog is a space for me to share some of the insights, understandings and transformational tools I’ve learned over the years.  I’ve spent years engaging in plant medicine ceremonies, meditation retreats, tantric rituals, courses, workshops, and formal study, and I want to present you with the practical parts that have been most useful for me in bite-sized videos so that you can benefit.

I’ll focus on demonstrating step-by-step, easy to use tools and techniques that will help you to make powerful positive changes to your life.

Come, join me… let’s all be happy, healthy and empowered together!

In my first post I invite you to join me in a simple practice of bringing mindfulness into your day.  Get yourself a cup of tea (or coffee, or hot chocolate), and let it cool to a drinkable temperature before you begin x


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