Freedom to Choose

girl breaks a cigaretteSick of being ashamed of the way you smell?  You probably already notice the health problems – shortness of breath, persistent cough, sore muscles.  You most likely already know about the dangers of cancer, emphysema and heart problems.  And I’m sure you’ve added up the financial cost and noticed what kind of annual holiday you could afford with your cigarette money!

If you’re saying “I’ll give it up one day”, perhaps you should consider that day has arrived.

There is a reason for everything we do, and when we find out what those reasons are and find different ways of meeting those needs, we can successfully give up habits and behaviours that don’t serve us.

Together we’ll explore your reasons for smoking, and find realistic and enjoyable ways to change the pattern that keeps you reaching for more.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried before – the information and learning you get from those experiences is valuable and important.

Remember: Our past is meant to guide us, not define us.

My Freedom to Choose program includes 2 sessions, and a 3rd if you want or require it.  This is because I don’t just give you superficial ways of easing the cravings.  Together we’ll explore the underlying reasons for YOUR addiction and make deep lasting improvements that will have positive effects on your mood, your attitude, and your general health and outlook.  I’ll give you tools that will help you improve your life and make your addiction unnecessary.

There is no effective one size fits all approach.    My smoking program includes 2 sessions of hypnosis (3 if required), simple techniques and resources you can take with you, and a relaxing self-hypnosis track you can listen to at home.

What are you waiting for?  Are you ready to choose health, vitality, and freedom?


Incorporating a person centred approach and techniques from Gestalt, ACT, CBT, transpersonal psychology and others.

Clinical hypnotherapy

Using deep relaxation and focused trance states to access the unconscious and effect long term meaningful changes.


An evidence-based and proven approach to work and life that promotes happiness, health and longevity.


Recording and working with dreams and their symbols to get direct access to unconscious messages and information.
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