The Empowerment Package

The Empowerment Package

I don’t want to do long term therapy with you.

Let’s use a garden metaphor, because I love metaphors. I want to walk into your garden, whip out the weeds that are ruining everything BY THEIR ROOTS, help you plant the flowers and fruits that work for you, then give you the tools and fertiliser that will enable you to keep that garden healthy, fertile and weed-free for yourself.

Some of the weeds I love to pull out include addiction, depression, anxiety, phobias, and low self esteem.

Some of the flowers I love to grow are joy, inspiration, resilience, confidence, and self love.

With the empowerment package we do three sessions of hypnosis. From the information I get during those sessions, I will make you a personalised hypnosis track that you can listen to any time you need, as well as a step by step taskbook with activites, goals and objectives that are easy, powerful and satisfying to follow, and will keep you moving towards your most amazing self. I’ll throw in gifts such as books, cards, and fun things that are chosen for YOUR specific needs, progress and enjoyment. I want to give the responsibility and power of your own healing back to you, and empower YOU to make the changes you’re after, with an easy to follow blueprint to success!

And just because it helps us all to have someone to be accountable to, I’ll provide a couple of monthly coaching calls to troubleshoot or answer any questions you have.

This is not a one size fits all program. This will be very specifically and lovingly tailored to YOU and YOUR needs so that YOU can get the results you want.

Next year I’ll be selling this program for $647. However, if you buy it in December 2017 to use in 2018, it’s yours for just $497. I want us all to hit 2018 running!!!

$647 $497

Get in touch for a free consultation and no-pressure chat about how I can help you.

What you get:
• 3 hypnosis sessions over a one month period
• 1 follow up coaching call
• 1 personalised guided meditation
• 1 personalised taskbook with exercises, activities and reminders to keep you on track
• 1 personalised giftpack designed for YOU
• Book & reading recommendations to expand your relevant knowledge and keep you inspired

Price: $497 in December 2017 only!!! (purchase in December, use in 2018)
Also available – these are December 2017 prices!!

Empowerment Basics Package: $247 (1 hypnosis session, no coaching calls)
Empowerment Package: $497 (3 hypnosis sessions, 2 coaching calls)
Supercharged Empowerment Package: $747 (5 hypnosis sessions, 3 coaching calls)


Incorporating a person centred approach and techniques from Gestalt, ACT, CBT, transpersonal psychology and others.

Clinical hypnotherapy

Using deep relaxation and focused trance states to access the unconscious and effect long term meaningful changes.


An evidence-based and proven approach to work and life that promotes happiness, health and longevity.


Recording and working with dreams and their symbols to get direct access to unconscious messages and information.
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