What I do

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Trance state is a normal phenomenon that you experience on some level every day.  When you arrive at your destination and don’t remember driving there, when you watch TV and become completely absorbed, when you are completely engaged in a daydream, or enjoying a piece of music so much you become ‘lost’ in it… these are all examples of trance state similar to hypnosis.  In this state we find we are highly suggestible.  Have you ever noticed how songs get stuck in your head, or induce certain emotions?  And this is why TV advertising is so effective!  Harmful thought patterns such as “I’m not good enough” or “I must be thin and rich to be successful” get in through a form of hypnosis, and they can just as easily be replaced by beliefs that are more useful.  We use the trance state to induce therapeutic growth and healing.

At no point is anyone able to make you do or say something against your will.  Hypnotherapy is an entirely voluntary process from start to finish. It is particularly effective in treating addictions, undesirable habits, anxiety, insomnia, phobias, and self-limiting beliefs.

To download some references to research studies done with hypnotherapy, click here.


Holistic Counselling

‘Holistic’ means I consider the person as a whole.  Rather than targeting specific symptoms individually, I address the person as a whole organism, body, mind and soul.  It is common knowledge that poor nutrition can cause depression, and anxiety can cause physical symptoms.  I have found a single strategy isn’t always the answer for the complicated humans that we are, which is why I have developed a number of techniques to take your healing to a deeper and more meaningful level.

I am a transpersonal counsellor and hypnotherapist, and practice NLP, mindfulness, tantra yoga, dreamwork, art therapy and plant-based nutrition to support this role.



Mindfulness therapies are evidence-based and come in many forms.  I have trained in Mindfulness with Dr Craig Hassed (author of Mindfulness for Life and The Stress Relief Program), and ACT Therapy with Russ Harris (author of The Happiness Trap).  I also offer Focusing, a therapy developed by Eugene Gendlin, PhD after 15 years of research analyzing what made psychotherapy either successful or unsuccessful.

You don’t need to sit in meditation for long periods of time to reap the benefits of mindfulness.  To check out some of the studies supporting mindfulness interventions, follow this link: http://www.mindfulexperience.org/evidence-base.php



In 1900, Freud declared “Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.”  Since then, many renowned psychotherapists such as Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) and Fritz Perls (1893 – 1970) have made extensive studies and created their own theories and approaches to dreamwork.

My approach to dreams is person centred, with the assumption that only the dreamer holds the meaning to their symbols, and the ability to enter into a relationship with them.  I have learned from and utilise approaches created by Fritz Perls (Gestalt therapy), Eugene Gendlin (Focusing), Carl Jung (Jungian dream psychology), Robert Moss (Active Dreaming), The Senoi approach (written about by Patricia Garfield in her book Creative Dreaming) as well as using hypnotherapy to reenter the dreamspace and gather further information.


Incorporating a person centred approach and techniques from Gestalt, ACT, CBT, transpersonal psychology and others.

Clinical hypnotherapy

Using deep relaxation and focused trance states to access the unconscious and effect long term meaningful changes.


An evidence-based and proven approach to work and life that promotes happiness, health and longevity.


Recording and working with dreams and their symbols to get direct access to unconscious messages and information.
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